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Back Spin Tee



Characteristics of Back Spin Tee



It is a functionality shot tee wherewith the ball hits the green and then stands in its place or a backward-drawn shot can be made when an iron T-shot is made in a short hole. Unlike the existing structure where the ball and tees are stricken at the same time when a short T is made, the axis is moved and the club hits the lowest part of the ball, which physically resulted in a strong back spin of the ball. In this case, the ball hit by female golfers' iron shot whose impact is weak will also stand on the green and the hitting may be also effective when a wood club is used in a short hole 200 yards away.



Utility model patent, design registration





Function of Back Spin Tee


  • It is a special engineering plastic material that is strong and tough and not easily broken by a number of hitting.
  • * Things to remember: The iron face must be directed to the protruding part of the tee because a wrong direction will bring no effect at all.








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